FAQs about Coworking Spaces and Blend

What exactly is co-working?

The concept of co-working simply means the use of an office or other working environment, by people who are self employed or working for different employers (freelancers, work from homers, people traveling while they work).

Blend Seychelles

Blend Seychelles: Establishing a prosperous and innovative co-working space in Seychelles. Offering both locals and visitors the chance to rent a desk and be part of a collaborative and inspiring environment. Our priority is the well-being of our members.

We strive to bring them the best services and experience so that they can concentrate on what is important.

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Blend Marceau

Blend Marceau is the new chic Parisian coworking space offering flexible closed offices from 2 to 15 workspaces, as well as fully custom spaces such as partial floors to 33 people for a unique and private corporation.

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